Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cars logo:Then and now....


The origin of Mitsubishi goes back to 1870, when the founder, Yataro Iwasaki, started a shipping firm with three aging steamships. Yataro's brother, son and nephew expanded the business into various fields during their respective terms as president and set the foundation of the Mitsubishi companies. After WWII, the original Mitsubishi organization was disbanded to become independent companies as they are today. Here is a summary of the 130 years history shared by the Mitsubishi companies. click for more detail..

Mitsubishi early and now logos..


Literally, the word "volkswagen" means "people's car." In Germany, the idea of a people's car wasn't exactly a new one. Before the 1930's, there had been many efforts to create simple cars that everyone could afford, but none met with profound success. Almost all cars before 1930, even if they were designed to be simple enough for the average person, ended up costing more than the average worker's yearly wage. Click for detail..

Volkswagen early and now logos.

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